Being Good Made Easy

Most business owners would like to have a positive impact on the world, but are put off by the potential time and financial investment required. Clean Energy UK's free service solves this problem by helping your business become more sustainable in simple, easy steps.


Renewable Energy Supply Review

We will review the market on your behalf and find the most appropriate renewable supplier or tariff. Clean Energy UK's recommendations normally save businesses money proving that renewable energy really doesn't cost the earth. We also oversee the switch and will remain on hand to provide advice during your supply agreement with them.


Energy Efficiency

To further reduce your carbon footprint and save money, Clean Energy UK can conduct an energy efficiency review of your business premises and provide a clear set of practical recommendations. This could be via our free 10 point check or a more in-depth multi-site ESOS audit.

To switch your house to a 100% renewable energy, click here.