Clothing Brand

Clime-It Brothers Help Their Customers Switch To Renewable Energy

Mubarak started the Clime-It Brothers two years ago and has turned it into a truly inspirational social enterprise. It aims to teach people about climate change and help the local community through provocatively  designed clothing.

All their energy bills are included in their rent, so we designed a postcard that is given to every customer, which recommends they do their bit and switch to a renewable supplier. We also helped the business find affordable commercial insurance. Both routes help raise valuable funds for the social and education projects they run. 

Country & Business Park

Avon Valley Wildlife & Country Park Switches to 100% Renewable Energy

The park had already identified that it should focus on British wildlife and locally sourced, organic British food, so we pitched the concept that they should incorporate British, natural, 100% renewable energy as a feature of the park too.

We have helped them do this on a number of levels. Firstly, we found them a well priced renewable energy tariff that saved them money at the same time. Secondly, we helped introduce them to solar and wind suppliers. Thirdly, we designed a postcard to be given to all of their customers, which communicates that the park has switched to a renewable supplier and encourages the customer to do the same at their home. We are currently working on how to incorporate a renewable energy education program to the park.

Cafe Chain

Cafe Boscanova establishes partnership with Surfers Against Sewage

The award winning café prides itself on sourcing the best fresh, organic ingredients, so we said, “why don’t you switch to fresh, natural, renewable energy too and make it a feature of your business? ”

After conducting our renewable energy brokering service, we helped them switch to a 100% renewable supplier AND save money in the process. The owner is a passionate surfer, so we established a partnership with Surfers Against Sewage and arranged for 1% of their bills to be donated to the charity each year.

Keen to communicate that the café was now powered with renewable energy and to help raise more money for Surfers Against Sewage, we developed a postcard that did both these things and encourages their customers to switch to a 100% renewable supplier too.  See next page for example.

Climbing Centre

Project Climbing Wall.jpeg

The Project Climbing Wall Goes Green

Saving Money. Switching to 100% renewable energy. Raising Money. Raising awareness.

Climbing is all about enjoying our natural world, so they were keen to see if we could help broker them an affordable renewable energy contract. We did, saving them almost over 20% per year against their current supplier!

The climbing wall has been community funded, so we are in the process of developing a fund-raising campaign for them with one of our renewable energy partners. We are also consulting with them on how to reduce their carbon footprint through other initiatives.