1. What is 'clean energy'?

More commonly referred to as renewable energy, it is electricity that has been generated from non-fossil fuel sources. This includes solar energy, wind farms, biomass generators, hydro-electricity and tide power.

2. How is the electricity supplied by a renewable energy company any different to my existing energy from my existing supplier? 

It isn't. In actual fact, you will be using exactly the same electrons delivered along the same wires. The key difference is that for every unit of electricity that you use, one of our renewable suppliers will be obliged to add a unit to the national grid from a certified renewable source. This isn't in real time, but over a period of time.

3. What sort of contracts are available? 

We have access to flexible short term contracts normally with a 28 or 30 day rolling contract right up to three year fixed term contracts.  We will happily explain the pro's and con's of each and help you understand which would be best for your business.

4. Why is Clean Energy UK a 'social enterprise'? What does this mean for me?

A social enterprise is a business with a clear social purpose. Ours is to help as many businesses switch over to renewable energy as possible consequently helping reduce our customers carbon footprint. There are various voluntarily commitments we make to operate as a social enterprise including pledging 50% of any profit we make to charity or a good cause.

5. How do I pay for Clean Energy UK's services?

We make a small commission from the suppliers that we work with. Generally these commissions are the same, so we are as motivated to recommend supplier A over supplier B. Our commission is built into the price that you are given, so it will not make your bills any more expensive.

6. Who do we call if there is a problem with supply?

If there is a problem with supply, you should call the National Grid on 0800 111 999 for gas, and your local electricity board (SSE) 0345 072 1905 for the electricity.  If you have a problem with the billing or meter reading, you should contact Ecotricity.

7. Do our property’s pipes or wires change?

The same companies are responsible for maintenance of the pipes and wires, regardless of the supply company. Within the property, the wires and pipes are the responsibility of the landlord, outside the property, the pipes are maintained by the National Grid and the wires and cables are the responsibility of the local electricity company.

8.Why does changing supplier have a bad reputation?

In general these problems came from inadequate information, inadequate systems within the utility companies and a certain amount of industry mis-selling. OfGem have since imposed much stricter guidelines on the switching process, which has made it generally very smooth and reliable.  We have chosen to work with suppliers who have a consistently high customer service ratings, so are confident that the switch process will be smooth. Part of our job is also help manage this, so relax you are in safe hands.

9. Do we pay more for having 100% renewable energy?

No. Prices differ between companies regardless of whether or not the utilities are renewable. Over time, renewable suppliers will inevitably become cheaper and cheaper as technology improves. The sun, wind and tides are all ‘free’. Currently over 19.5% of the electricity that goes into the national grid is renewable.