• ROC - Renewables Obligation Certificate – produced for every unit of renewable energy produced and surrendered to Ofgem as the mechanism for guaranteeing compliance with the Renewables Obligation.
  • REGO's - Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin – a certificate issued by Ofgem to certify that the electricity in respect of which it was issued was produced from an eligible renewable energy source.
  • CCL - 
  • MP - 
  • LEC's - Levy Exemption Certificates – exempt electricity supply generated from qualifying renewable sources from the Climate Change Levy – a tax on the use of energy in industry, commerce and the public sector. No longer in use since CCL has been removed.
  • CFD - Contract For Difference – Aimed at encouraging large scale, low carbon production
  • CM - Capacity Market – Scheme to make sure a supplier generates enough power over the next few years for peak period

Both third party costs are so new that we don’t have any indicative figures for them yet and aren’t even charging them at the moment in our billing. 2/3 years down the line, there may be more of an industry level that we can publish.