Our core services:

Commercial energy brokerage - We will find the best renewable energy tariff for your business. We can offer fixed price tariffs, flexible plans, 1-3 year contracts along with a full and clear fuel mix disclosure from any supplier. All the tariffs we offer are fully REGO certified. (does that last part make sense, Spud). We do not charge for this service.

Building energy efficiency Audit - Our expert advisers will help you save even more money and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. We charge £200 for this service, and will only undertake it if we have agreed with you after discussion that we will be able to save your business considerably more than our charge.


Extra services:

Communication and branding advice - Switching to clean energy can create great goodwill for your business. We can help you capitalise on this, at no cost.

Staff and customer referral programs - Encourage positive engagement with your staff, customers and suppliers. Promote and improve the positive image of your business.
Climate talks - If this is something which you or your staff care about we can arrange in house talks from expert speakers, to help address the issue.



  • We collect a 'Letter of Authority’ (LOA), signed by whoever at your company is responsible for the energy bills. This allows us to approach your existing supplier on your behalf and request information.
  • We collect usage data details from the incumbent supplier
  • We review the renewable energy marketplace and negotiate with suppliers on your behalf
  • We provide you with a clear recommendation, and assist with the transfer. We remain available to you permanently to help answer any questions or deal with any problems



Terms we can talk about which makes us sound good:

·      Fixed price tariffs

·      Flexible plans

·      1 – 3 year options

·      All fully REGO certified

·      Full & clear fuel mix disclosure for each supplier


We recognise that most businesses owners and managers don’t have the time to research the market and get quotes from a range of suppliers let alone research some of the less well heard of specialist renewable energy suppliers.


Turn it into a feature of your business:

·      Tell your staff

·      Tell your customers

·      Logos available


Building audit / review - £200