Our Values


1. Making a Better Future

This applies to our view for ourselves and our families, and also very much for the wider world. When we use the word ‘better’ here, we do not just mean financially. We believe that every single day, we can all make decisions that can improve life and the world around us.


2. Having Respect

For each other, the people and businesses we meet and work with, and the world around us. We understand that everybody is different, has a different story and background, and will express themselves in different ways. We celebrate and embrace this.


3. Being Inclusive

If you wish to work with us, and your values match ours, we will try to make this happen, even if it is not an obvious ‘commercial’ decision. We will use our resources to help promote people and businesses who we consider to be doing good things.


4. Being Open

We hope that we have provided all the information you might like to know on this site, but if there is anything missing, please let us know.  We're happy to be very transparent about all aspects of our business.


5. Being Good Enough to Gain Referrals  

This might not sound like a ‘core value', but it is critically important to us. . . we want to be good enough at what we do, for people to pro-actively tell their friends and families about us, without us asking them to. We believe this is an excellent way of truly judging a company. This will involve all of us continually focusing on providing a positive experience, listening and being open to feedback, always looking to improve what we do and how we do it.