What is P272? 

It's legislation that requires medium scale users of electrical energy to beef-up their metering systems to the same systems which are universally used for larger electricity users.  This means that energy use will be recorded in ½ hourly periods throughout the year with contract rates that are based on when you use not just how much you use.

A survey commissioned by Npower claims that 81 per cent of British retailers are unaware of forthcoming legislation P272. This legislation will mean changes to how energy is measured and billed for businesses across the UK.

Who does P272 effect?

P272 is an industry change, affecting all Maximum Demand supplies (anyone with a 05/06/07/08 tariff profiles) and aims to provide businesses with bills that are based on more accurate data, similar to what currently happens with half hourly metering.

What does this mean for my energy costs?

The good news is that electricity rates should be much more representative of market rates.  If you use lots of energy in low demand periods then your rates will reflect this.  Of course if you have a heavy on-peak use profile the opposite will be true.

How do I comply?

If you are in the affected groups you will need to appoint a Meter Operator  (MOP) before April 1st 2016  and Data Collector (DC) to maintain and run your meters.

For advice and assistance contact: hello@cleanenergyuk.org