Renewable Energy For Churches

Our team are specialists at working with Church Councils and parishes to help them transition to 100% renewable energy and to become more energy efficient. 



Our free consultation and switching service can help your church join the renewable energy revolution with you having to do little more than say yes. Nine times out of ten we can also save you money at the same time.

We can arrange for one of our consultants to meet you face to face and talk through the options available, and the overall process. We will happily provide appropriate information for committees to digest if necessary. We avoid using jargon and are 100% transparent about all aspects of the process.


One Percent Donation

As a Social Enterprise, we can commit to donating 1% of your energy bill back to your church or nominated charity every year that you are with our recommended supplier.



With the majority of churches being large, old buildings, there are normally considerable efficiency savings to be found. Lighting is an obvious thing to look at for both cost and aesthetic reasons. We appreciate that the unique space and art inside a church deserves to be carefully lit, so installing the right LED bulbs can lead to better lighting and regularly save up to 60% on your energy bill.


Climate Talks

We also have a network of trained speakers who can come and present talks about climate change and sustainability to your church, helping spread the positive message. 

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