Where Does our Energy Come From?

Every country's energy supply is different due to the natural resources they have available. The UK currently relies on 62% of its energy being imported making us reliant on some politically unstable parts of the world. Given the UK is an island nation and has consistent winds, there's a big opportunity to not only switch to clean, renewable energy, but also switch to sources generated in the UK, thereby making our supply safer and more secure.


UK Average Fuel Mix 15/16

1st April 15 - 31st March 16

% of Renewable Energy by Supplier Today

Clean Energy UK where possible will always recommend suppliers that have a 100% renewable (REGO certified) fuel mix. You can see that the big six have an average fuel mix of less than 20%.

Source: Electricityinfo.org

Our Renewable Future?

The Energy Solutions Project have researched and developed a projection for each major country in the world outlining what they think the ideal renewable fuel mix should be in 2050. They believe the UK can become predominantly powered by wind. See the info graphic below:

Source: The Solutions Project

Source: The Solutions Project


How Do Solar Panels Work?

Seeing as they are likely to significantly shape the future of our global power supply, we thought we would share this short video that explains how they work.